Dogs Task Definition

Because dogs has Fargate launch type, not like web and cats, few options are different. For instance, Amazon ECS task definitions for Fargate require that you specify CPU and memory at the task level. Amazon ECS tasks for Fargate require the awsvpc network mode, which provides each task with an elastic network interface. Find more on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate.

Create dogsdef

  1. Move to Amazon ECS Task definition and create new.
  2. Select launch type compatibility: Fargate SelectFargate
  3. Task Definition Name: dogsdef DogTask
  4. Task size TaskSize
  • Task memory (GB): 0.5GB
  • Task CPU (vCPU): 0.25 vCPU
  1. Go to Container Definitions and click Add container. AddContainer
  2. Configure dogs container. AddDogsContainer
  • Container name: dogs
  • Image: your dogs latest image URI
    • Copy from the browser tab opening Amazon ECR. DogsLatest
  • Memory Limits: Soft limit 128
  • Port mappings: Container port 80
  1. Click Add then the window closes. Check if dogs container is added.
  2. Click Create.