Service Web

Create service web

  1. Move to Amazon ECS and select DEMOGO-ECS cluster. Go to Services tab and click Create. Leave default to the rest options not mentioned. CreateService
  2. Step 1: Configure service ConfigureWeb
  • Launch type: EC2
  • Task Definition
    • Family: web
    • Revision: 1 (latest) (Revision number might be different. Choose the latest.)
  • Service name: web
  • Number of tasks: 2
  • Task Placement: Select AZ Balanced Spread and click Next step.
  1. Step 2: Configure network WebLB
  • Load balancing
    • Load balancer type: Application Load Balancer
    • Service IAM role: AWSServiceRoleForECS (If you don’t have any, select create new role.)
    • Load balancer name: Select demogo-alb ContainerPort
  • Container to load balance: Select web:0:80 and click Add to load balancer.


  • Production listener port: Select 80:HTTP from the dropdown.
  • Target group name: Select web from the dropdown then other options will be automatically filled.
  1. Service discovery (optional) – Uncheck and click Next ServiceDiscovery
  2. Set Auto Scaling: Do not adjust the service’s desired count AutoScale

    You will configure service auto scale in 6. Auto Scaling later.

  3. Review and create web service.
  4. Click View services and check if two web tasks are running. Check