Create ALB

Create Application Load Balancer to forward and distribute traffic to cats and dogs web applicaiton. Leave default setting unless specified.


  1. Move to EC2 Load Balancers.
  2. Click Create Load Balancer and select Application Load Balancer. ALB
  3. Basic configuration: Configure Load Balancer
  • Load balancer name: demogo-alb
  • Internet-facing
  • IPv4 ConfigALB
  1. Network mapping: Availability zones AZs
  • VPC: DemoGoECSVPC (
  • Select both ap-northeast-2a and ap-northeast-2b.
  • Subnet: Select PublicSubnet1, 2
  1. Security groups: Search and select ecs-demogo-ALBSG, and uncheck default security group. ALBSG
  2. Listeners and routing: Routing Routing
  • Name: web
  • Target type: Instance (Because web task definition is EC2 type.)
  • Port: 80
  1. Hit Next and skip Register Targets. Click Create target group. Routing
  2. Listeners and routing: Come back to Load balancers browser tab, and select web as HTTP:80 Listner. Routing
  3. Summary: Review the configuration and Create load balancer. Routing