Create cluster

You will create EC2 Linux cluster DEMOGO-ECS and an IAM role ecsInstanceRole for the cluster instances.

  1. Move to Amazon ECS. If it is your first time to run ECS, you will see Get started screen. Please ignore and directly head to Amazon ECS Clusters and click Create Cluster. CreateCluster
  1. Step 1: Select cluster template – Select EC2 Linux + Networking. SelectClusterTemplate
  2. Step 2: Configure cluster ConfigureCluster
  • Cluster name: DEMOGO-ECS
  • Instance Configuration
    • Provisioning model: On-Demand Instance
    • EC2 Instance type: m5d.large
    • Number of instances: 2
    • EC2 AMI id: Amazon Linux 2 AMI
    • EBS storage: 22
    • Key pair: Choose your key pair.
  1. Networking ConfigureNetwork
  • VPC: DemoGoECSVPC (
  • Subnets: Private subnet 1,2 (,
  • Security Group: ecs-demogo-ECSInstanceSG
  1. Container instance IAM role: Select Create new role. It automatically creates a role named ecsInstanceRole.

If you created ecsInstanceRole before, select it. You will add more permission in the next step. However, if you should not change ecsInstanceRole for any reason, please create another IAM role for this workshop.

  1. CloudWatch Container Insight: check Enable Container Insights and click Create. ContainerInsight