Clean Up

  1. Move to ECS Clusters and delete DEMOGO-ECS cluster.

  2. Move to ECS Task Definitions and click each catsdef and dogsdef. Select all and click Actions, deregister. CleanUp1

  3. Move to ECR Repositories and delete cats and dogs CleanUp2

  4. Move to EC2 Load Balancer and delete demogo-alb.

  5. Delete target group web, cats and dogs. CleanUp3

  6. Move to IAM role and filter ecs-demogo and delete. CleanUp4

  7. Move to CloudFormation and delete ecs-demogo stack. CleanUp5

  8. Select all resources that are failing to delete, if you have any. CleanUp6

  9. Move to VPC and delete DemoGoECSVPC manually. Cleanup7

  10. Move to CloudWatch Log groups and delete /aws/ecs/containerinsights/DEMOGO-ECS/performance, ecs-demogo-log and firelens-container. CleanUp8