Service Load Test

SSH to your Workstation instance and create a shell script to perform load test on your service web.

  1. Move to AWS Cloud9. Select ecsworkshop and click Open IDE.

  2. Check the file named and you will use the script to test Amazon ECS service auto scaling. LoadTestScript

  3. You need to input your demogo-alb DNS name. Move to EC2 Load Balancers. to check and put it into [Your ALB DNS name.]

ab -c 200 -n 200 -t 30 [Your ALB DNS name] + / 
  • You are adding ‘/’ at the end because the web service is bound to the default path (/).
  • You must save the change before close the window.
  1. Change the permission and run script in serial for three minutes. Monitor the status in the next step.
chmod 755 ecsworkshop/