Configure Service Auto Scale

  1. Move to Amazon ECS and select DEMOGO-ECS cluster.
  2. Select web on Services tab and click Update WebUpdate
  3. Step 1: Configure service - Skip
  4. Step 2: Configure network - Skip
  5. Step 3: Set Auto Scaling
  • Service Auto Scaling: Configure Service Auto Scaling to adjust your services’ desired count
  • Minimum number of tasks: 2
  • Maximum number of tasks: 8
  • IAM role for Service Auto Scaling: AWSServiceRoleForApplicationAutoScaling_ECSService SetAutoScaling
  1. Automatic task scaling policies – click Add scaling policy
  2. Configure Add policy. TargetTracking
  • Scaling policy type: Target tracking
  • Policy name: ALB-request-tracking
  • ECS service metric: ALBRequestCountPerTarget

You can refer the recent trends from the graphs, based on the metrics you choose.

  • Target value: 4000
  • Scale-out cooldown period: 10 seconds

We are setting low numbers with an intention to verify the result fast.

  1. Next step and click Update Service.