Create Capacity Provider

  1. Go to ECS Cluster and select DEMOGO-ECS and select Capacity Providers tab. Click Create. CreateCapacityProvider
  2. Create Capacity Provider CreateACapacityProvider
  • Capacity provider name: demogo-capacity-provider
  • Auto Scaling group: EC2ContainerService-[your cluster name]-EcsInstanceAsg
    • This ASG was auto-created when you create your cluster.
  • Managed scaling: Disabled
    • You will manually configure on the next step.
  • Target capacity %: 100
  • Managed termination protection: Disabled

When managed scaling is enabled, the target capacity value is used as the target value for the CloudWatch metric used in the Amazon ECS-managed target tracking scaling policy. For example, a value of 100 will result in the Amazon EC2 instances in your Auto Scaling group being completely utilized.

  1. Update cluster Default capacity provider strategy: Select ‘demogo-capacity-provider’ from the dropdown. UpdateCluster