...at an AWS event

Log in with AWS Workshop Portal

This page guides you through the prerequisites steps before starting the lab when attending an event hosted by AWS.

If you log in to the AWS Wokshop Portal to proceed the lab, you will need the Team Hash value. Click here and enter the 12-digit Participant Hash code received from the event organizer. This will change the lower right button to Accept Terms & Login Click the button to proceed to the next step.

AWS Workshop Portal

Click Email One-Time Password (OTP) button. AWS Workshop Portal

Write down your own email account and click the Send Code button. AWS Workshop Portal

In the email inbox, check the subject Yourone-time passcode email and copy the passcode. Paste the copied passcode as shown below, then press the Sign in button. AWS Workshop Portal

On the next screen, press the AWS Console button to receive a login link to log in to the console. AWS Workshop Portal

When you click the Open AWS Console button, access to the AWS Management Console page. In addition, CLI access for the environment and secret key access key also can be found.

Once you’ve followed all of the steps above, you are ready to start the lab.